Why aren’t my Bitly links working after activating?

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If you’ve just activated Social Warfare or just added your Bitly username and API key, you may be notice that your posts and pages aren’t showing the Bitly links right away.

Take a deep breath, this is expected. 😀

The plugin only checks the Bitly settings and fetches the Bitly links when the plugin data cache has expired. Meaning that if you activate Bitly, the plugin will not make an attempt to update every link on every post across a website. Can you image how many API requests that would throw out all at the same exact time?

(A lot. And that would be no bueno for your server.)

So instead, we only fetch those Bitly links on the regular cache schedule that the rest of the plugin works from.

Since in 99% of cases, these credentials will be set up only once and then never looked at again, it means that the delayed population of the short links will only ever occur once at the very beginning and then never, ever again.

So rest assured, your Bitly links will show up, it just might take between 1-6 hours depending on the age of the post/page.

Can’t wait for the cache?

If you’re really egar to get a specific post or page assigned a Bitly link, then you can cheat a bit. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the post/page editor.
  2. Click the Update button to update the post/page.

And that should be it! The next time that page is loaded it will trigger the cache reset and your Bitly link(s) will be generated.

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