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To keep things as simple as possible, when we broke apart Social Warfare into the core Social Warfare plugin (which I often simply refer to as Core), and the premium Social Warfare – Pro plugin, we decided to keep their version numbers matching. So instead of launching Social Warfare – Pro as a version 1.0, we launched it as a version 2.2.0 since that’s what version the core was at.

When updating the plugins, these 2 version numbers will also always need to match. If the pro plugin detects that the Social Warfare core plugin is running a different version than itself, it will disable all of the premium features. This is because the Pro add-on requires functions from the core, and when updates are made, we may add, remove, or modify those functions. So an old version of Pro running with a new version of Core could end up throwing server errors because it’s trying to use functions that have changed.

But that’s no big deal. The easiest way to solve this was simply to keep them versioned the same, and to always release updates to both core and pro at the same time.

The Hiccup: What if only one of the plugins is showing an update?

There is, however, one hiccup that may arise. Since the Core plugin is hosted in WordPress’s repository, and the Pro addon is hosted in our own, your WordPress website may not be checking for updates for both on the same exact schedule. This might result in you seeing an update for one or the other, but not both, even though both are available at our end.

The fix for this issue is incredibly simple. Simply do one of two things to get WordPress to recognize the update:

1. If the core Social Warfare plugin is not showing an available update, simply click the “Check Again” button at the top of the updates page. This button will check for updates for all the plugins hosted in their repository.

Wordpress update check

2. If the Social Warfare – Pro addon is not showing an available update, simply click the “Check for Updates” link that is part of the Social Warfare – Pro information on the plugins page. This link will check our private repository for update to pro.

social warfare pro update check

Once both plugins are showing an available update, go ahead and update the plugins. It’s as simple as that.

What if Social Warfare Pro still doesn’t show an update?

Some server configurations won’t allow our Github update checker to function properly. If that’s the case on your server, you won’t see the Pro update available no matter how many times you run the checks.

In that situation, please visit your account page and download the latest version of the Pro plugin manually.

You may need to hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard (or Command if you use a Mac) while clicking the download link/button – this prevents the file from unzipping into a folder when downloaded.

Next, delete Social Warfare Pro completely from your site – your settings won’t be lost – then go to Plugins > Add New > Upload to upload the zip file for the new version. Once it’s activated, everything will function exactly as it did before.

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