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Click the link below to submit a support ticket. If you are a Social Warfare - Pro license holder, you can log into your Account page to submit a ticket.
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With the release of version 2.0 of Social Warfare there were a number of bugs introduced affecting a small percentage of users that we did not anticipate. As always, we went straight to work figuring out where the issues were and how to fix them.

We’ve pushed out version 2.0.3 which has seemed to eliminate nearly all bugs introduced with version 2.0. All you need to do is:

  1. Update to version 2.0.3 from your WordPress dashboard
  2. Clear all caches, CDN or CloudFlare
  3. MOST IMPORTANT: Clear your browser cache (because the registration relies on Javascript that could have been stored in your web browser)

It’s also important to note that a handful of users have reported that using Mozilla Firefox will not allow the registration function to fully engage. This is probably due to Firefox not fully deleting the Javascript cache that Social Warfare relies on for its registration function. Once users switch to an alternative browser, they are able to successfully register and eliminate all issues.

If you’ve gone through all that and you still the previous issues occurring, please reach out via our Support system and our team will work with you as quickly as we can to resolve any remaining issues.

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