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Social Proof is a powerful psychological principle that many marketers have been utilizing for a long time. The idea is that when people see that other people have exhibited positive action then that action is acceptable and thereby encouraged.

When readers see that other readers have shared your content– they’re more inclined to share it themselves.

We’ve built social proof right into our sharing plugin in that it displays exactly how many times your content has been shared on each social network.


You also have the ability to customize how your social proof is displayed. You can:

  • Display individual button counts: This will show share counts on each individual share button.
  • Display total counts: This will show the sum total of all counts for each button and can display on the left or right of the sharing buttons.
  • Minimum share count: This will hide all counts until a certain minimum number is met to avoid having low numbers display.

Social Warfare will display counts for all networks that have a share count function– yes, even tweet counts!

The following networks do not share counts:

  • Email
  • WhatsApp
  • Flipboard
  • Pocket

If you’d like to know exactly how we manage to show the share counts for each network, read this article.

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