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Click the link below to submit a support ticket. If you are a Social Warfare - Pro license holder, you can log into your Account page to submit a ticket.
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Every now and then it will happen that a social network API fails to return an accurate count– Pinterest is one of the most infamous for this problem.

This is actually a known bug with Pinterest’s API and nothing to do with Social Warfare. It’s seemingly random and there’s no known way to prevent it. It just seems to not pick up the accurate pin count of some URLs.

We’ve talked with their development team on several occasions and they’re well aware that the flaw is on their end, not ours. You will find the same result with any sharing system which is using Pinterest’s API (we’ve tried).

The Pinterest Dev Team has assured me that they’re working on this issue but it has been some time and still nothing is fixed. If you’d like to give them a nudge, we recommend leaving them feedback telling them how important the issue is to you.

Contact Pinterest Support

If you ask them nicely and provide a URL in which you believe the pin count to be inaccurate, they will make the occasional exception to manually correct it within their API. We can’t make any promises for them though. It’s certainly worth asking.

We wish there was more we could do about this, but it’s completely in Pinterest’s hands to fix this.

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