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This section of the options page allows you to control which social network’s share buttons will appear on your posts and pages. Simply use the drag-and-drop interface for this. Networks that you want, you need to place in the “Active” box. Networks that you don’t need, place them in the “Inactive” box.

Additionally, you can control what order the networks appear on your page. You have two options for this:

Sort Manually Using the Drag-and-Drop Above: This setting means that whatever order you placed the buttons in the drag-and-drop interface will be the order in which they display on your posts and pages.

Sort Dynamically By Order of Most Shares: This setting means that the buttons will be ordered from left to right with the highest counts on the left. So, for example, if a post has 50 shares on Facebook and 20 shares on Twitter, the Facebook share button will appear first followed by the Twitter button.

Pro Tip: Check out our guide to using Google Analytics to determine which share buttons will be the most effective for your audience, How to Know Which Share Buttons to Offer Your Visitors.

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