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The share count settings allow you to control how and when the share counts are displayed. The first two fields are quite straightforward:

Button Counts: This toggle determines whether the share count for each social network will be displayed on each individual button.

Total Counts: This toggle determines whether the total shares added up from all the networks combined will be displayed.

Important Note: With the Social Warfare Pro addon, we will never display share counts when their number is at 0. At a minimum, there must be one share before we display an actual number on the buttons. This is to avoid negative social proof which we’ll discuss more in depth with the final setting in this section.

Minimum Shares: You see, due to the psychological concept of Social Proof, those share count numbers can have an effect on your visitors perception of your content. If you have very low numbers on the buttons, it can cause people to feel like your content isn’t as important as when it has higher share numbers. As a result, we’ve developed a way to establish a minimum threshold of total shares before the plugin will begin showing numbers.

For example, if you set the minimum shares to 25, then neither the button share counts nor the total share counts will be displayed until the total shares are equal to or greater than 25 shares. Once your post has 25 total shares, both the button share counts and the total share counts will be turned on (assuming you have them turned on in the above two settings).

For more information, be sure to check out our guide, Social Proof and Share Buttons: What You Need To Know.

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