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This feature of the plugin allows you to add “Pin It” buttons over the top of images in your blog posts that only appears when a site visitor hovers over the image. This was one of our most requested features in the plugin. This is a great way to get your Pinterest-loving visitors to share images throughout your posts.

Once activated you’ll see that several other options appear allowing you to customize the functionality of this feature. Here’s the options you’ll see along with an explanation of what each one does.

Pinit Button: This activated or deactivates this feature entirely.

Horizontal Location & Vertical Location: These two options work in tangent to control where on the image the button may appear. For example, you might want it to appear on the top left (vertical location set to top; horizontal location set to left).

Min Width & Min Height: Not only does Pinterest have minimum height and width rules about what can be shared on their platform, we also know from research that certain large, portrait shaped images (ideally 1102 by 635) perform the best. So these two options allow you to declare what the minimum sizes of an image on which you want this share button to appear.

Image Source: Select Pin the image to allow users to pin the same image that is being hovered over. Or, select Pin the Custom Pin Image to force users to share the Custom Pinterest Image you’ve uploaded for that post/page.

Description Source: Select Image ALT text to have the image’s ALT text used for the Pin description. Or, select Custom Pin Description to use the description you’ve written in the Social Warfare Custom Options.

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