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If you know for certain that your post has been shared but for some reason the counts are not showing, there’s a number of reasons this might be happening:

  • You have turned off individual and/or total share counts in the plugin settings
  • You have a “Minimum share” threshold in your plugin settings
  • The plugin cache has not reset yet
  • There is not enough room to display the counts

These will solve 99.999% of instances where share counts are not showing.

Individual and Total Share Counts Setting

To ensure this is not being caused by the a plugin setting, navigate to Social Warfare > Display Settings inside your WordPress install. Scroll down and check to see if the following settings are set to ON:

  • Show Total Shares
  • Show Button Counts

If both of those settings are switched ON, but you’re still not seeing the counts, proceed to the next section.

Minimum share threshold

Still on the Display Settings tab, see if you’ve set a number value to “Minimum Number of shares required before showing counts?”

If you have set a number value there, it means that ALL button counts will be hidden until the minimum number of total shares has been reached.

Plugin Cache has not reset

In an effort to supercharge the load speed of the plugin and to allow for the sorting of posts by their popularity, we cache (temporarily store) the share counts with the post in WordPress. These numbers are updated on the following timescales:

  • New posts: Updated once every hour
  • Posts older than 3 weeks: Updated once every 3 hours
  • Posts older than 2 months: Updated once every 6 hours

If you have waited the appropriate amount of time and you’re certain that the counts have changed since the last cache reset, you may have a deeper problem. Let us know.

There is not enough room to show the counts

Social Warfare is built to work with every size screen while maintaining the best possible aesthetic. In order to accomplish this, there is a sizing algorithm that determines how much available space there is and based on that space decides what size the buttons should be.

If there is not enough space to display buttons, counts and total shares, it will hide the counts in order to avoid looking cluttered and messy.

For optimal display, we recommend between 3-6 sharing buttons be active at once. Any more than this and the buttons begin to get very cluttered at smaller screen sizes.

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