How does Social Warfare calculate share counts?

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Social Warfare’s Share Counts are populated (or ‘fetched’) through the API of each social network individually. This ensures share count accuracy and if you ever switch domains your share counts will remain the same.

How these numbers are calculated varies depending on the network. Some social networks will count only the number of unique times a link has been shared while others will also count social actions taken on those shared links (such as “Likes” or “Shares” or even comments in some cases). So the best way to describe it is that the number shown represents the most accurate number of quantifiable social actions taken on the shared URL.

What our plugin doesn’t do is directly count shares themselves. It merely fetches this number from the social networks and caches them, so they are as accurate as the information given by the networks the last time this information was fetched.

Caching the Numbers

New posts only fetch share counts once per hour. After it fetches them, it caches (stores) those fetched numbers to increase the speed of the page load (versus constantly fetching new numbers in real time). Older posts get cached for a few hours. But for the first 21 days or so (your mileage may vary slightly), it fetches new numbers every hour.

Number Accuracy

As previously stated, Social Warfare gets all share counts from the respective social networks. So our numbers are only as accurate as the social networks are recording them.

There is a known issue with Pinterest counts that we’ve been assured is being worked on by Pinterest’s development team, so for the moment the ball is in their court and we will keep you updated.

We also have a built-in setting that ensures that if for some reason, any reason, social share counts were to be unreachable (this happens from time to time with the Pinterest API, for example) then Social Warfare will not return a lower number than the one previously cached. This does not yet solve the problem, but will ensure your ‘Social Proof’ doesn’t take a visible hit.

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