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This function allows you to fetch all of the options that the user has set in on the options pages. It will be returned as an array of keys and values.

Example Usage

// Fetch the user assigned options
$swp_user_options = swp_get_user_options();

if($swp_user_options['some_checkbox_option'] == true):
    // Do something cool since the checkbox was checked



This function accepts no parameters.


The function returns an array of options in a format much like this example. However, to see the real values, you’ll want to run a var_dump() prior to utilizing the data.

array(5) {
    string(17) "User's Text Input"
    string(11) "choicethree"
    string(7) "#ffffff"
    array(4) {
        string(9) "True Love"
        string(17) "Rhyming I mean it"
        string(8) "To Blave"
        string(7) "Revenge"

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