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custom tweet

Twitter is overrun by what we like to call link-dumps. A link-dump is a thoughtless tweet where all that is given is the headline and link to an article. No commentary, no image, no preview, just headline and link.

How boring is that? Not only that, but it’s becoming less and less effective at getting attention and driving traffic.

With so many people simply sharing headlines with a link, in order to stand out from the crowd, your social shares need to be different. You need to craft the message for the medium, and that’s how you will drive more click-throughs.

Social Warfare gives you the ability to craft the tweets that are shared on your behalf when a visitor clicks your Tweet button. This way you can craft them yourself and make it dead simple for people to share more effective tweets for you.

custom tweet creation

Additionally, our plugin will automatically add “via @YOURUSERNAME”¬†at the end of those tweets as long as you have filled in your username on the Display Settings page. So not only will your tweets be optimized, but you’ll get an @mention. Double-win!

Additionally, if the author of the page being tweeted has a different @username than the sitewide default, all they need to do is fill it in on their user profile and Social Warfare will automatically use their username on tweets of their content instead of the sitewide defualt.

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