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People love to Tweet, and the easier you make it for them, the more Tweets your content will generate.  Better Tweets generate more Favorites and Retweets, increasing your reach and helping your content go viral.  With Social Warfare’s “Click to Tweet” feature, you’ll generate more… and better… Tweets.


Pick your favorite quotes and use them as Tweets, or write your own Tweets for your readers to share.  Click to Tweet lets your audience share your content easily, and helps you control the message.

Using Click to Tweet for Social Warfare is easy.  Just follow these five steps.

Step 1) Install Social Warfare Plugin for WordPress on Your Blog

Step 2) Create a New Post or Edit an Existing Post

Step 3) Click on the Click To Tweet Button in Your Content Editor Wherever You Want to Place It


Step 4) Choose the text of the Tweet that will be sent out on Twitter, and the quote as it will appear in your article.


For this example, we’ll use the same for both, but they don’t have to match.


Step 5) When finished with Step 4, click OK.  This will generate a code snippet (see below).


After publishing your article, your Click To Tweets will look something like this:


When your readers click this link, a prefilled Tweet box will appear.

Now that you’ve mastered this feature, go and create some Tweet-worthy content and get your stuff noticed!

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