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Being that this plugin was the brainchild of three people with extensive experience in content marketing, we needed to have a way to determine how much ROI our social media efforts were bringing. After some deliberation we decided that adding UTM tracking to shared links was a no-brainer.

Social Warfare gives you the option to automatically add UTM tracking strings to every shared URL that goes out from the plugin. This allows you to track how Social Warfare is driving traffic through Google Analytics.

See our full guide on Measuring Social Media ROI with Google Analytics.

By default the Source and Campaign for shared links is set to SocialWarfare. You can then navigate to your Google Analytics reports under Acquisition > All Traffic > Source / Medium to see how SocialWarfare links are performing. Alternatively you can also navigate to Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns to see how it’s performing as well.

Additionally, we give you the ability to customize the Source and Campaign fields in your UTM strings just in case you have different plans for tracking your social links.

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