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I’m working hard to make this plugin as versatile as possible. My goal is to create a very robust system of actions and filters that allow people to build their own addons to Social Warfare.

So far, here’s my current progress on this adventure. These are the ways that developers can currently modify the behavior of the Social Warfare Plugin:

  • Create New Options: You can add options for users to adjust on the Social Warfare options page.
  • Fetch User’s Options Settings: You can fetch the Social Warfare options to see what the user set various options to.
  • Third Party Link Shortening: You can modify the link by adding third party link shortening functionality.
  • Third Party Analytics: You can modify the link by adding third party analytics parameters, other than Google Analytics since it’s already built in.
  • Multilingual: You can add languages so the buttons can be translated to French, German, Spanish, or whatever a site needs them to be.
  • Coming Soon – Add New Social Buttons: I’m working hard right now trying to get the functionality in place to allow folks to add new network buttons like Reddit, Buffer, or whatever.

If any of you have experience with programming WordPress plugins, or working with WordPress filters and actions in a functions.php file, I’d love for you to give me some feedback on the developer’s documentation and the hooks I have created so far.

Also, do you all have any other ideas as to what a third-party developer might want to try to add to our plugin so I can set up the functions and hooks to allow for that as well?

If you’re a developer, please feel free to contact me directly with your ideas, input, or suggestions.

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